Hi guys! :) It's my very first post and I'd want to share with you my awesome Hong kong Trip with my one-and-only sister Isabel! I looove it there in Hong Kong, it's practically my home away from home! I swear, one day, I'll go there and just go around alone! This trip was different from the others. It was the best way to start the summer since we left the day after I finished my exams (you could only imagine the distraction I had while taking my last test. I tried not to think about it 'coz if I did, I would've just remembered to write my name and nothing else anymore... Haha!) Anyway! Here are some shots we took while we had the time of our lives :) 
My outfit for that day: Zara tweed jacket and pants, H&M top and belt,
Balenciaga bag and bracelet and Prada shoes
As soon as we arrived, we shopped and went around already!

Went wild in H&M with my sister!!! It's so nice to have someone to
shop with someone especially when you're an only child like me!

the BEST, I repeat, the BEST matcha soft serve ice cream I've
ever tasted in my life! If you're a fan of matcha green tea
(with the likes of Starbucks Green Tea Frappe),
then I'm sure you'll enjoy this little dessert located in Ocean Terminal
just beside the Citysuper food court. It's a bit pricey though, costing
about HK $35-40 but I'm assure you that it's worth every penny! 
This is how it looks like and it comes with a choice of green tea jelly,
mochi (who could say no to this!!!) and red bean

Our matching Doc Martens! Goes with anything!

Outfit for day 2: Blazer and shorts from Zara,
Top and belt from H&M, Sheer vest from F21,
Balenciaga bracelet and Doc Martens boots :)

Our theme song for the whole trip! A Thousand Years by Christina Perri  :)

Had such a woooonderful time! I felt so independent walking around the streets
of Hong Kong with my sister! Surely, we'll do this again! :) Love you Sister!