Today is the official start of Coachella. The CoachellaIf you have no idea what it is, it's the annual music festival that lasts about 3 days and it's just a chill outdoor concert featuring amazing bands! I'll be leaving for LA in a few days, and I'm really hoping to catch the last few days of Coachella. (have you seen the ticket prices, they're so expensive but I doubt I can still get since people buy a year before. Bummer for me) Anyway! Today, I went to Power and made Coachella my inspiration. If I can't go, then might as well dress up as if I am right? Haha! Here are some inspirations and pictures :) Enjoy! 

4 DIfferent inspirations for Coachella! Read more here
So, I had the chance to release my 'modern rocker' self in my outfit today!
Is it Coachella worthy? (Plus points for my Guns and Roses tee?)

1960's effect mirror shot once again for that retro touch! :)

Watch out for my next post! Hint on what's it about: Diet and workout secrets :)