It's another wonderful and hot day today! Did I say hot? No, it's SOOOO HOT! When it's summer here in Manila, you can't wear jeans anymore. That's right! (throw them far, far away where you'll never see them again! Just kidding! Keep them first!) Shorts should be your new uniform everyday since the heat is unbearable!!! So, I have decided to edit my own pair of shorts in a very summery way haha lol! Going out of the stereotypical kind of shorts which are white, black or colored, I've decided to create ombre shorts! Ombre is the gradient effect that's seen in fashion shows and are super in trend right now! From Abbey Lee Kershaw's hair dip dyes to Topshop collections, I'm loving it! (aren't you?) But, since I'm a fan of Tumblr but I don't have my own account, I always see these kinds of shorts and tried to copy them! The brand is Runwaydreamz and they sell amazing shorts with studs and goes with the whole Coachella, I'm-too-cool look! Here they are and below are steps on how to make your own! Hope you try it! It's super fun!  

Here's the finished product that I'm soooo happy to have made.

That's me btw! Know how excited I am? I'll wear them today! HAHA!

Runwaydreamz that cost about $150-200! No wayyy but they're so pretty!
My latest purchase. So happy I got this one @ Rockell PowerMac
that became my inspiration for this Do-It-Yourself project!
Pink Ombre Belkin iPhone 4 case 

Materials needed! L-R White shorts (Cotton On), Venus Dye in Pink,
Studs from Carolina's, and a knife to put them studs!

L-R 1.) Boil hot water and add the dye 2.) Dip the tip of the shorts
3.) Use anything (in my case a spoon) to bring the colored water up until half
of the shorts 4.) Then make a darker mixture then dip JUST the tip of the shorts

L-R 1.) Dry the shorts (Woke up going straight down to see if it's dry since I dyed it at night)
2.) Prepare the knife and studs 3.) One by one, push the studs onto the shorts and
use the knife (or your hands which I did but it HURT!) to push the
metals down to secure them 4.) Done with the area of the pocket!

Never knew my morning would be so productive today! (who would've thought!)
This project was truly a great unexpected expectation! Try these out!
They're perfect for the summer and it'll go with anything!
 (trust me, I've mix and matched them with different tops already!)
So, instead of getting those super over-priced 
Runwayydreammzz (so jeje right? haha) make these! 
They're super easy and all in all it cost me less than a thousand Pesos!

Happy D-I-Y-ing! Tell me about what you did in my Twitter! Have fun! :)