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It's summer and there are days that are full of plans...and there are days where I just bum around all day don't we all? HAHA (This is one of the reasons I created this blog to make time faster,
 be productive at the same time and do what I love to do)
So, when I woke up 2 days ago, I just had an idea to have my own photo shoot!
I was my own photographer, make-up artist, hair stylist, stylist, creative director lol, model, and set-up staff... Name it! Now, that's what I call multi-talking at it's best haha! So, my peg was Georgina Wilson's shoot before and made a personal touch to it by making it seem more like I'm Minnie Mouse and by making it more... uhm, PG13 haha loljk! Here are the pegs and my very own product! :)

She's soooo hott! 
Gorgeous girl! No way to compete with this bombshell! :O

Red lips, Red nails, Red bow!

Bow from Korea, H&M black corset and Zara polka dot skirt

Stolen shot that looks like I'm fixing my hair haha

Have fun this summer with things you can do at home! A photo shoot is a fun, girly thing to do and will be more fun with your friends! Unleash the inner make up artist/ photographer/ model in you! Have one today!

p.s. I'll post some DIYs for you guys soon! :)