A barbie girl, in a barbie world ♕ If you're a girl, then I'm sure you can't deny that we all had our Barbie days! Those were times where we would wish ourselves to be as beautiful as those iconic dolls. So, when I received my cousin's sweet 16th invitation with Barbie as her theme, I knew I had to make the most out of it and that it was gonna be a fun party! :) Check out the pictures below! ♥ 

 With the curled hair + pink and gold shades for my Barbie look! 

 Neon pink Bebe Dress, Topshop necklace + Balenciaga wrist wrap bracelet :)

Jessica Simpson's nude heels for that final touch! ♥ 

      So glad I got to see my sister, Isabel Oli who followed right after her taping! :)
It's always so fun to be with her and her own family as well! 

With my gorgeous cousins (Dad's side) and the pretty birthday girl, Marie! :)

With my parents who make me feel like a Barbie every single day. 
My inspirations and the greatest blessings God has ever given me! :)

Awesome night with Barbie-fied friends and family! :)
Watch out for more!!! :)
xx, Denise