It's the time to show our moms how much we love them! It's our Mother's Day! So, I thought of something special,  sweet, do-able & affordable... I tried to place myself in my mom's position, and prepared for her something I'd want someone to do for me in the future haha lol! :) Roses, candles, and super good breakfast as soon as you wake up!!! (mine and her favorite meal of the day!) Yes. Gifts can be good too, but if it's something you work hard for, it just means so much more. My mom's the best in the whole wide world! Her name suits her very well because if you reverse Roma, it spells Amor, which means Love! ♥ Check out the pictures below! :) 

Flowers are something my mom loves very much, so out of my own effort,
I bought these red roses to make her smile (the first thing in the morning! :)

I just love the effects candles give! Don't you? :)

Awesome breakkyyy for my mommy at 6am in the morning!!! :)
I'm so happy that she loved what I did for her! :) 
Mission complete! The surprise was a success! 

My best friend, my inspiration, my role model, my one and only mother,
Roma Heredia. I'm super grateful to the Lord to have such an amazing, pretty,
sexy, cool, loving and caring mom like her! Out of every one He can give me,
He gave me someone who almost lost her life just to give me mine, 
someone who feels happy if she sees me smile, 
someone who introduced me to the Big Guy up there, 
someone who'll give me the last bite of her favorite food & 
someone who'll cheer me up even in my lowest points... 
I couldn't ask for more. I love you mom! Thank you for everything ♥

Hope you value & appreciate your moms like I do.
Remember, without them, we wouldn't be in this world!
Wish you guys had an amazing day like I did! :)
Happy mother's day to all your amazing moms!
xx, Denise