Into the Woods ➳ Sorry, I've been MIA lately, it's been pretty crazy around here :) anyway! After long hours of driving, which involved listening to and memorizing the lines of Somebody That I Used To Know, & We Are Young  for more than 10 times, (hey, blame the requests in the radio stations!) We finally arrived at the beautiful... Yosemite(Not yo-se-might, it's yoo-sem-i-tee!) If you're adventurous, the nature type, and you like being outdoors, then this is the perfect place for you! It may be far, but it's totally worth all the effort!  Check out more of my pictures below, click Read more! :)  

Legit serious candid shot under the scorching sun!
We're finally here! :)

Wasn't it obvious that we were excited to go around and have a
fun nature adventure together? Maybe? Just a little. Haha!
True to it's name. It was one of the biggest trees
I've ever seen. (As big as a building and an airplane vertically 19 storeys high )
 I think this Sedona was 1,800 years old! Imagine? I can't! HAHA! 
So as you can see, my 'inspiration'/peg for the day was...
Elena from the Vampire Diaries! If you're a fan, I am too!
Style with comfort! (I honestly felt the Mystic Falls vibe lol)
What I wore: Ralph Lauren sweater, 7 FAM Jeans, DM boots

The panoramic view of the fallen tree! :)

                                             If you enjoyed the backgrounds in these pictures, 
wait til you see my next breath-taking post!!! :) 
xx, Denise