It's so Real, It's Unreal ❀ Day 2 in Yosemite, and we're loving it here! :) These days our homes and cities are too packed, we don't get to appreciate one of life's amazing beauty, which is in the form of nature. Truly, this day made me realize God's greatness and awesome miracles everyday. Life changing right? Haha! Anyway, today, I took advantage of the sceneries around me, so I made my outfit match it! (Which was, perfect for the again, bipolar weather we've been experiencing) The view was super nice and so real, it seems like it's unreal! Here are some pictures of our little nature adventure! :) 

 It was kinda chilly. Haha, wait till you see what I was wearing. Jacket, but I was in shorts.
At least when it was cold, my legs were the only one who had to sacrifice for a bit.
haha what a logic

Awesome True Religion shorts I got which instantly became my fave! :)

And the shoot begins here! Candid for the first shot! haha! What do you think? :)

This is the winner shot. Do you think I have a future? Only God can tell, but I'm hoping and praying for it! :D

Just at the bridge, eating an apple and being amazed at
the beautiful post-card-like sceneries around me :)

Awesome waterfall which was from above the mountain! Super great experience! :)

This is me in front of the Yosemite falls (picture above this) feeling all the mist (which was the best part)
It's the fifth tallest in the world! Amazing right? :) 

So, I'm getting tired of the boring pictures and tried to play with it a bit :)

Here I am, just chilling in the 'clam-shaped' rock! It's just so amazing how this happened! :)

No edits, just the amazing beauty of nature. 

Sometimes, we just gotta stop and appreciate the things right in front of us before they disappear. 
Remember, what we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves! 
Save the Earth and start being grateful for all the blessings  ✝♥  
While this post is somewhat like a spiritual journey, my next post will be about the Sin City
How ironic is that? Haha! Watch out for it! :)
xx, Denise