Never Too Old for This! ♡...and that was the day I felt like a child once again!  (I miss those days, no stress, no concern for your looks, you can eat everything you want and more awesome stuff...) That was what I felt on the day we went to Disney's California Adventure! :) It was so much better the last time I went there, and what made it more memorable was the World of Colors! It wrapped all my childhood dreams and memories into one amazing, colorful water show. I was Wearing my latest purchase, and truly, something I'll treasure forever, H&M's FAA (Fashion Against Aids) top which took me forever to get, True Religion shorts, Tory Flats, Topshop necklace. Here are my pictures below! :) Tell me what you think about them here!

Arriving at the entrance, we're finally here and we're ready for the adventure! :)

I know, it's childish... but who cares! It's one of my favorite rides! I grew up loving Ariel! :)
This was my favorite part of the movie! Which one's yours? :)

My #1 favorite ride ever!!! Rode it twice in a row and it's something I'll never regret in my life!
Totally worth the scream!!! Haha! :) 

With sailor Mickey, my dad and mom! :)

Here I am again with the hot pink hair (which btw, is too short, haha obviously not my hair)
and what I got from the awesome Topshop in Vegas, this gold necklace :)

Haha! Fashion is a taking risk right? :) 

They say, "do something a day that scares you"... well I say, wear something a day that scares you ;) 

Wind blown effect to show the awesome style of my top! which got some pretty weird stares haha!

Sun's almost out! Time for the most awaited show! :) 
 (which I'm super psyched about coz I've been hearing that it's the best!) 

 Had to wait almost an hour for the World of Colors to begin! 
This was what entertained us while waiting :) awesome lighted rides!

 Finally it started already and our one-hour wait was worth every second! Here's the balloons in Up
projected through the waters! Super cool! :) 

Awesome Pirates of the Caribbean logo caught in my film! Oh yeah, better get ready with
your rain coats while watching or else, you'll leave soaking wet! 

25 minutes of magic that truly made me teary-eyed and made me realize how fast time flies by. 
It was so beautiful and amazing how they thought of actually doing this! 
Wanna see how it all went? Watch the whole show here! :)  

I hate to break it to you, but this is my last post in the States :(
It makes me sad to leave, and I can say that I had one amazing summer!
So now, here's me... making this post in my zombie mode,
 trying to fight jet lag and failing at it! Haha! zzzzz....
Watch out for my other posts back here in Manila!
xx, Denise