Rainbow Cupcakes with Juliana! ♥ Rainbow cupcakes, anyone? :) Cupcakes are desserts most of us have guilty pleasures in. They're easy to make, to eat and to give away! With all of those in mind and with some knowledge on how to bake these little cakes, (I sometimes bake red velvet cupcakes too) My super cute, pretty and witty friend, Juliana Gomez & I,  got to bond for a day as we decided to add a twist to the ordinary cupcakes we've already seen. We added layers of colors that's perfect for the summer, and for 'wowing' your friends and family! (we were amazed ourselves!) Click here to get the recipe we used, and I hope you check out our colorful pictures below! :)

 After making the batter, separate them into different containers then start the fun part... 
Adding colors to make them resemble a rainbow! :)

 Then, add a little amount of each color to your baking cups and start with the lowest color
going upwards (purple to red) so that you'll end up with the ROYGIBV scale!

While waiting for the first batch of cupcakes to bake, Juliana played with my little
lion, my own live teddy bear, my pet Pomeranian named Zoey! :)
 (who seems like she's waving in this picture! Haha! What a cutieee!)

 As soon as it rises up and fully baked, let it cool for a while then add the frosting! Another fun part!
(We made a cream cheese frosting btw, which is a great match to this cupcake)

So, what can you say about our 'frosting' skills? I think it looks great! Do you agree? :)

 How can I forget the third & last touch.. Designing it afterwards! If the other parts were fun to do,
then this is probably the best part of them all! Juliana loves doing this part! :)

 ..and we were both so glad that our first try wasn't a fail at all! In fact, it was a hit! :)
I had such an amazing time baking and catching up with Juliana,
that I'm hoping we can do more projects together! What do you suggest? :)

 Biggest and most amazing looking cupcake for the last batch! 

 Here's a peak of what it looks like when you slice it up! :) Isn't it cool?

....and just like that, a 6 layered rainbow cupcake which took about 3-4 hours to make,
has now disappeared into thin air & now into the stomachs of very contented,
happy faced people such as myself, Juliana and our family of course! :)

Bored with the same old cupcakes?
Try this one, and it'll surely be worth all the time and effort!
Bake with your friends and just have fun while doing it :) We did!
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Watch out for more! :)
xx, Denise