Sin City! ♠ ...They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... but I'll have to break that rule for this post, especially for you. Aww isn't that sweet? Haha! :) My stay in the Sin City wasn't wild or anything close to what we all saw in the movie the Hangover. In fact, it was very wholesome and somewhat like a 'family bonding'! I, personally loved Las Vegas. All of the lights, the hotels and nice
views were something I'll definitely miss. Here are some pictures below! :)

On the way to Las Vegas, I'll show you my current addictions: Tribal anything

I love this eyelet top from Zara. It looks like Louis Vuitton's Sweet Pastel Candy Campaign 
Spring Summer 2012 collection! Check it out here! :) 

The Sin City in the morning is just as beautiful as it is at night!
 Here I am, in front of the Mirage hotel :) 

                              Witty statements in small, unnoticeable places. This is true though! :)

For this look, I've balanced neutrals and basics
with a striking, neon orange tweed jacket to break 
the whole look and make it more fun!
What I wore: Zara tweed jacket, top, shorts and belt, 
Tory burch flats, Urban Outiftters shades & Balenciaga bag

Topshop in Vegas?! I died. It's the only Topshop I'll ever visit here in the States.
It was heaven, I was teary-eyed. Well, just a little. Haha!
       Awesome view of the huge lights in the streets, and the dancing fountain in front of the Bellagio!

         Finally got to see the huge H&M at the Caesar's Palace! Super nice design which made me dream
that I had it as my room. Haha why not? :) and it had different items compared to the others!

The Paris hotel and the Planet Hollywood globe sign
at night!  (the time where the city comes to life!)

Sad to say, our adventure ended here. It was definitely a great one, though! :)
Next stop, L.A. once again! The 7-hour drive? We won't mind! 
Next post will be in a place where all our childhood memories will go back
Watch out for it! :)
xx, Denise