Under the  Sun ☼ Sometimes, we just need some time to relax and get some time away from our busy lives here in Manila. So, one day my family decided to visit for the first time and celebrate my cousin's birthday at Kamana Sanctuary located in Nabasan Bataan near the Subic area. It's the perfect place to just spend quality time with your family! 

I love stacking up on some round-beaded F21, H&M and Cotton On bracelets!

The view of the infinity pool beside the beach. Ideal place to just relax!

Kamana at night! I was so glad we (my cousins and I) lied down on the sand,
 put up great music and just caught up with our own lives. ☺ 

Awesome day spent with my amazing family. 
Truly, Kamana is a sanctuary. 
Watch out for my next post!
xx, Denise