Black, animal print + dreams. I had a family dinner the other day and decided to
wear something that I had in mind ever since...sequined animal print shorts and a black sheer top
I was always fascinated on how the animal print trend lasted so long! So, grab your fiercest animal print 
clothes and unleash the inner animal in you! HAHA lol! Also, that night, I was lucky enough to meet one of 
my favorite Filipino blogger, Divine Lee! Check out the pictures! :)

Just add simple pieces to things that already stand out! (which was the sequined shorts in this look)
What I wore: Zara sheer top, F21 shorts, Jeffrey campbell shoes, Celine Bag 

Leather, silver and gold chains combined in this necklace I got from HK

Connector ring with chains are so cute! 

Love the details on this! Animal print + Sequins? Who could say no to that?! Definitely not me haha!

I would like to dedicate this post to this amazing person standing beside me in this picture. She's the reason why my title had the word Dream in it. Her name is Divine Lee, and she is one of the most famous bloggers here in Manila! (check her blog here) She visited us on the night of our family dinner because she's friends with my cousin. That night, I got so inspired by her because well, we have the same breed of dogs hehe she was so friendly, super humble, and pretty (no make up at all in this pic). I love how she took the time to look at my blog as well. Truly, these types of people are the ones that are blessed :)

I hope to see Divine again soon!
and I hope that one day, I become as successful as her!
This day just proved to me that dreams DO come true!
so, dream big and reach for the stars!!!! :)
xx, Denise