Bloggers United 3. Ever since last year, I've heard about this Bloggers United bazaar and I've tried my best to attend lots of convincing here and there but unfortunately, I never got the chance. So when my cousins and I planned to go this year, I was super excited about it! Who wouldn't want to see your favorite bloggers in the flesh, right? :) Check out the pictures below! 

 While going around, I spotted these cute rings that were super cheap too! :)

 Vintage bracelets by Pinkbox! 

 Super cute aztec-inspired bracelets! 

 Makeover make up that were sold in Divine Lee's booth! 

Neon necklaces for that extra oomph :)

 Sorry for the bad shot, it was hard to get a picture with all the other girls asking for one, but here's
a shot with Divine Lee who's always so warm to her 'fierce followers'

 Then here's a shot with Victor Basa, who was kind enough to compliment my lens for that day :)

 With my favorite blogger and childhood friend, Dani Barretto who always looks 
so modelesque whenever I see her! :) 

 H&M leather bracelet with chains (that used to be in gold btw) haha! & Cross ring :)

 The peplum is back! I love this trend!

 Earth tones are nice when mixed up with different colors that match well with your look :)

LV shoes to match my tote and break that monotonous look :)

Hope you drop by the next Bloggers United bazaar next year!
See you there! :) 
xx, Denise