Last few days of summer. It's the last few days of my summer, and I'm officially a senior!
I still can't believe it until now!  So, for this day, I decided to make the most out of it by wearing
super bright colors green, blue and purple! Something I put together to achieve a little mermaid inspired look, which is btw trendy these days.
 Click for more pictures! :) 

Color blocking's always my favorite!

Sea green with cutouts that I adore as soon as I saw them back in LA from Foreign Exchange :)

Mix colors, but don't go too over the top so top off your look with minimal accessories
What I wore: Foreign Exchange top, Mango electric blue jeans 
& purple belt, Balenciaga bag, Prada shoes 

Walked for hours wearing these! Tip for buying high, walk-able shoes: Choose ones that don't have a low arch (that slope from the heel to the toes) 

Hope you had an amazing Saturday like I did yesterday! :)
Watch out for my next post!
xx, Denise