DIY: Floral Crown. Floral crowns or floral Headdresses are everywhere these days! From Kate Moss' wedding pictures to different magazine editorials... The leaves and flowers wrapped around your head give you that 'angelic / hippie' look! They're perfect for outdoor shoots under the sun, or by just wanting to feel like a goddess for a day! Who wouldn't want that? :) But how do you make them? Try these easy steps! ❀

 This is one of the pictures taken from this site about Kate Moss' wedding picture that became my inspiration for this DIY project :)

Materials needed: 

 Fake flowers, the smaller in size & lighter in color, the better 

 Copper wire to help those flowers stay in place 

 Some green gardening bending wire which I got from a hardware store 

 Any metal cord that's a little thicker than the copper wire
+ Scissors which I forgot to take a picture of, but I'm sure you all know what it looks like! :)  


 Step 1: Wrap the metal cord around your head for the desired circumference of the crown 

 Step 2: Cut the excess cord and put the ends together using the copper wire 

 Step 3: Then wrap the green gardening bending wire around the metal cord
 (Might take some time, but you'll get the hang of it)

 Step 4: Attatch the flowers one by one with the copper wire and the green gardening wire
(this too, needs some patience as it requires trial and errors to perfect the arrangement)

 The lesser the flowers and leaves, the simpler it looks! :) Here, I just did 3/4 of the whole crown, 
but if you prefer to finish the whole thing, go ahead no one's stopping you! :)

Finished product! Tell me what you think by tweeting me here :)

Hope you liked my latest DIY! :) 
They're mostly used by models, flower girls, brides...
and for a fairy halloween costume, maybe? :) Haha!
I'll have more projects to come, especially when you read about my next post! 
Happy DIY-ing! 
xx, Denise