Happy father's day! Before this day ends, I'd just like to say to all the dads out there...
Happy father's day! :) Happy father's day also to my super handsome dad who many of you say that 
I look like an exact copy of! :) Thank you for everything! Here's a list of things I'm thankful for: 

Thank you for slow dancing with me to Beauty & the Beast's 'Tale As Old As Time' back when I was 5,
Thank you for always thinking of me especially when you go out and buy me my favorite foods
Thank you for always showing to me that you care about me by calling and texting
Thank you for teaching me how to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle
Thank you for always supporting me with everything I do
Thank you for always bringing me to school and picking me up every single day
 Thank you for being a sweet dad
Thank you for loving me for who I am
I love you dad! :)