Heel Less Heels. Dinner with my family on a Friday night! I wanted to dress up, so I wore my heel less heels! I'm sure that you're wondering, 'How do you walk in those?!' Well, it's as easy as walking in normal high heels with a little more weight in front! ;) Tip: Just don't think about that missing heel-part, or you'll fall flat on the floor! (you wouldn't want that) So, go ahead, take a peak at my pictures below :) 

Stick to greys, whites and blacks then add a hint of color to your outfits :)
What I wore: Cotton On body suit, American Apparel skirt, Dolce & Gabanna Vintage belt,
Necklace from Hong Kong, Celine mini luggage tote in Lipstick red, Jeffrey Campbell heels 

Accessories can truly make a difference in outfits :) I surely can't live without them

Love the color of this tote, it's really eye catching! :)

It's funny how people react when they see these types of shoes!
It is kinda crazy but you gotta admit, it's also very creative! :)

Enjoyed the night filled with food and surrounded with great people :)
Hope you had a great Friday night like I did! :)
Watch out for my next post!
xx, Denise