Like a Boy. It was father's day that day and I decided to dress up like a guy!  Well, I added a touch of my own 'girly' hint, of course! Haha! For that day, I made black, white and cobalt blue the color scheme for my look.  Check it out! :)


I love how you can break your outfits by adding a touch of color to it!

Brogues that I knew I had to get as soon as I saw them in Beijing! These are inspired by Prada

Side view of my Prada-inspired shoes! 

Walk the walk!

Last signature pose: The hair stroke. AHHH, just gotta love signature poses! What's yours? :)

What I wore: Zara silk top, D&G belt, Balenciaga bag and bracelet, 
Topshop shorts, Hotwind Beijing brogues, Rayban shades

Here are some pieces I put together so that you can 'borrow' them from your dad, brother or boyfriend!
You'll be amazed at how comfortable they are and how classic they'll look once you put them together

Vans flannel shirt, Hermes leather wrap bracelet. Alexander Wang V-neck shirt, Topshop 
boyfriend blazer. Prada brogues. IWC watch. Ralph Lauren denim polo, Topshop pullover

Have fun experimenting and adding your own touch to make it unique!
Keep your fingers crossed and hope that your dad & brothers will allow you to wear their things.
Through this, you'll see if they really love you! or not. HAHA I'm kidding :)
Watch out for more! 
xx, Denise