Flare jeans.  I decided to wear a 70's inspired look for a celebration with my family! 
As I was searching the net the night before, all of the top designers and brands are now releasing
these types of pants. So, grab yours (if you have one that's probably hidden in that 'vintage box' haha)
Pair it with a simple top because as they always say less is more & be ahead of the trends! Check this out!

Juicy Couture gold chain bracelet with an added touch that I made myself to match my look :)

What I wore: F21 tie top, H&M flare jeans, Vintage Ferragamo belt, Jeffrey Campbell wedges

I'm a happy girl whenever we eat at buffets! Make sure you wear something loose though. HAHA!

School starts tomorrow, and I'm officially a senior!!!
It's all too fast! So, wish me luck :)
I just noticed, I match my site's color scheme! Haha!
Watch out for more!
xx, Denise