Unexpected Expectations featured in different sites! I still can't believe what just happened! Recently, I got a surprise tweet from a New York based site (found here), who ranked my DIY Tribal print case as the number 1 pick for the Top 5 DIY Phone Cases post in her blog! I'm still shocked about it, so please, excuse me while I go to the corner of the room and meditate for a while (haha!) I think owe to the Lord all the blessings He has been giving me, that's why I will be forever grateful :) Click for more features!

365 Hangers is an LA based site who happened to like my DIY posts and was super kind enough to email me about it! I was so excited to have a collaboration with her and her online store. I'll be having a monthly DIY post for her site since I'm her latest featured DIY blogger! :)
 Check it out here!

DIY Fashion is a Tumblr-based site (also in abroad) that features different Do-it-yourself projects made by different people. Again, I couldn't help but smile when I saw that they loved my DIY pink ombre studded shorts! Right now, it's been reposted by different Tumblr sites that has 400 notes as of today and was also TOP among all the posts! :) Check it out here!

Just today, I saw this spanish blog and honestly, my spanish skills were tested! HAHA! She linked my DIY ombre shorts in her blog (there in the last line) for the article about clothes for a festival that you can buy online! If you see this, Victoria Salvador, muchas gracias!
Check it out here!

Here's my latest feature in a blog from Saudi Arabia! :) Super cool how people appreciate what you do, especially in abroad :) Click here to see the full post! Thank you for this!!! :) 

For any collaborations, sponsorships and other ideas:
 (maybe suggestions for DIY projects that you have in mind, I guess?)
Email me at: deniseh95@yahoo.com

...and today I reached my breaking point of 50,000 hits! 
Thank you, thank you, thank YOU so much
for all the support and for appreciating what I love to do :)
One day, I hope to be one of the top bloggers here and around the world :)
Truly, sometimes, you just gotta expect the unexpected :)
Watch out for more posts! 
xx, Denise