Bayo x SoFA Design Institute Competition.  Bayo, together with SoFa (School of Fashion and the Arts) partnered up to create a competition for young designers. Whoever wins will have the chance to sell his/her collection in Bayo stores worldwide!
 Check out the pictures of the event below! :) 

Awesome details found in the hallways of SoFA! 

 Super cute outfit made by one of the young designers who joined

The judges who had a hard time picking a winner while watching the show
 (I would too, if was one of them!)

Printed high waisted shorts + lace top to achieve that girly look! :) 

The first time I saw this dress, I thought to myself 'how cute is that!' So...true enough, 
this young designer who was all smiles won the competition. Congratulations! I kinda guessed that she was going to win! Her collection was so Bayo-worthy!

The cocktails served were by Bizu! I remember modeling for Bizu a few years back. 
It even had a 'tea party theme'! Ahh good memories :)

It was so nice to see Rammy Bitong, a.k.a Candy Cutie/commecial model/dancer and
Regina Raymundo the future international designer and emcee of the event! :)
(picture from Regina's Instagram) 

Saturdate with my friend, Lexine Mendoza! Thank you so much girl for coming with me! :) 

Of course, I wouldn't forget my look for that day! Love this cutout top from Hongkong! :)

Grays and blacks go well together
Top and chain necklace from Hongkong, 7FAM jeans, D&G belt, Celine bag  

Accessories bring life to plain tops. Just look at what this necklace did to mine! 

Went for that casual chic look. Stylish and comfortable at the same time :) 
50% Filipina, 50% Spanish. Bayo Manila. HAHA! I'm just kidding!

Gave texture to my whole look by wearing a pair of snake skin printed wedges
 to get that whole look together (plus points for the details on my jeans?)

Had such a fun time at that Bayo x SoFA event :)
That day was also unforgettable since it was full of adventures! 
Watch out for more posts! :) 
xx, Denise