Studded Cross and Glitter iPhone case. I've been seeing these kinds of cross iPhone cases around (carried by Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale) and the first time I saw them, I knew I wanted one! So, I've decided to make one for myself and share it with you guys (with a twist to it of course!) If you know me personally, you'd probably say 'it's Denise and her glitters again!' I really love glitters.  I actually have a whole box filled with different colors! Also, personally, this studded cross is symbolic in my life because it reminds me everyday of the His wonderful blessings and because I believe that with God, nothing is impossible. Want to make one as well? Check how I made this awesome case! :)

What you'll need: any iPhone case and studs!

Mod Podge as a finisher and...Lots of glitters of the color of your choice!

Step by Step:
First, align your studs into a cross then mark the edges with a permanent marker.

Then, trace the cross that you made so that you have a guide where to place the glitters and the studs.

Using a paintbrush, paint the glue all over the part where you'll put your glitter :)

...and for the messy but fun part (and my favorite part as well)
 Spread the glitter evenly on top of the glue!

Seal it off with another layer using your Mod Podge glue.
 Don't worry, it'll dry clear so it's okay to make a mess! :)

After you've applied the glue all over the whole case, put your studs one by one & form your cross! :)
Lastly, be patient and let the glue dry! :)
 (I wasn't patient enough, so I used a blow drier to dry it faster! LOL!)

Front view of the case. It's now glitter-fied! (haha I know, so corny... sorry, I just had to say it! haha!)

Final product that I'm super happy with! I'm actually using it right now :)
It's surely something that's in trend and something to be proud of once you're done with it! :)

Hope you liked my latest creation!
Happy DIY-ing, my friends! :)
Stay safe and God bless! 
Xx, Denise