Singapore. I've been to this country before, but now I'm glad I got the chance to appreciate it more the second time around. I'm amazed at how clean and how organized they are. It was the Great Singapore Sale, so you could only imagine me when I see the shops with discounts! Haha! Check out more pictures from Universal Studios, and other places! :)

First stop: Universal Studios! It was such a hot day so I decided to go with the tough chick look! 
Back to basics. Doc Martens boots, True Religion shorts, Zara tank + vest

When I went to the Universal Studios in the States this summer, I had the chance to try their test run of the Transformers ride, but surprisingly, I loved Singapore's version more! It lasted longer and had a better story line! But make sure you'll be willing to wait for a long time since it's pretty new :) But I loved it so much, I'm sure you will too! It's a #1 must try! 

Outside the Mummy ride! Another must-try ride that never gets old. A classic that's a #2 must-try ride!  

Super cute candy trees from a store called Candylicious! 

I have to admit, that I really loved the third Madagascar movie!!! Didn't you? :) 

Just outside the Universal Studios, there's a food court and when I reached the end part, lots of people were lining up for this dish, even if they had to wait for so long. So being my curious self, I lined up and and tried it. I was in love. I love thai food & I love pad thai!!!! My #3 Must-try! :)

The name of the place and the number which you have to wait in line for. 
Every second was worth it. HAHA! :) 

Black + white peplum top gives you such a classic look! :)
White jersey peplum top and bandage skirt from H&M

Cousin's 18th birthday lunch at Crystal Jade, Golden Palace located at the Paragon mall. 
It was a very sophisticated chinese restaurant that had authentic foods! :)

Red Givenchy Pandora bag with crumpled leather= Love!!! :) 

My #4 must-try in Singapore is the ice cream that they sell in the streets that cost only S$1 :)

Snake skin wedges that surprisingly let me walk the whole day! 

Hope I gave you a glimpse of how Singapore is!
Next time you visit, don't forget to experience the things in my must-try list!
More posts to come! So, watch out! :)
xx, Denise