Bomber jacket. Lately, I've been wearing jackets because of our current weather and I'm really amazed at the different styles you can choose from! But, if you're looking for something that'll be versatile, make you feel warm, and look stylish... I suggest buying a bomber jacket for yourself!! This day was so funny, since I almost had the same outfit as my cousins and friends but we didn't talk about it at all! That just explains how everyone's loving this trend as much as I do :) Check it out now! 

Current obsession: Floral Bomber Jacket from Zara

Outfit inspiration from Zara as well! Remember to get inspirations but tweak it a bit to make it yours! 
What I wore: Zara jacket and tank top, True Religion shorts, 
Doc Martens boots, Balenciaga leather bracelet wrap

With my cousins, Sel, ate Krys and my fellow blogger, ate Geline! 
We were all wearing bomber jackets just in different prints and design all from Zara :) 

Accessories + floral print madness!!! :)

Balance off the look with shorts to keep it casual looking and young!
Evidence of our 'great minds think alike' outfits! Haha, it was too cool! :) 

This was definitely something to be happy about! See how we're all smiles + my laughing self? :) 

Awesome banner from Nylon mag's fashion spread for August! Click here!

Our own version! Haha! Do you think it'll pass for a fashion banner as well? :)

Quote for the post:
"If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, 
you'll never enjoy the sunshine"
-Morris West 

Thank God the weather here in Manila's slowly getting better. 
Please still continue to pray for the people who are affected by the storm...
Just close your eyes, put your hands together and say a little prayer.
It's just a few minutes of your life to save a life! 

Almighty and loving Father, creator of the universe, we fervently ask your Divine and Infinite Mercy to take control of the rain and flood waters. We put our trust in your power. We implore you to embrace our Country the Philippines and every Filipino family. Calm the weather as you did with your disciples at the middle of the sea. We implore You this through our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, together with Mary our Mother. Amen.

Watch out for more! 
xx, Denise