DIY Studded Cross Pocket. If you've visited my blog before, you'll notice how much I love crosses. So, with the studded craze trend in mind, I decided to make my own once again. Haha! It's perfect for people who want to stay in budget and at the same time be updated with what's in style for this season. This time, I used colored jeans instead of the usual cross-in-the-shorts style that we see around to add my own unique twist to it. Check out how I made it below :)  

What you'll need: 
Studs with prongs or 'teeth' as I call them haha! 

A pair of jeans. Any would do, it's really up to you! :)

What to do:
Align the studs on top of the pocket to create your desired studded cross design.
It's best to count how many studs are needed for each side
so that you'll be guided when you make them :)

Then, one by one, add the studs where they're supposed to be placed & carefully 
(no, really... be careful because they're sharp and they're a little tricky to work with) 
push the ends down to lock them in place. Just remember to add these studs in thick types of cloth so that you'll be safe from the metal prongs. 

So... here's me doing this DIY on a Friday morning! 
(Excuse the whole I'm-just-chilling-I-just-woke-up-and-now-I'm-doing-a-diy-post look) Haha! 

Who says style can't be on a budget? Look stylish with just a bit of alterations!

Once you're finally done, wear it out and be proud of 
your newly altered jeans with a DIY Studded Cross Pocket! :) 

Great things come from the craziest ideas. 
So, try this DIY now and turn an 'old nothing' into a 'stylish something'!
Watch out for my next DIY post that's somewhat similar to this :)
Happy DIY-ing my friends!
xx, Denise