sisters just like them. Check out our pictures below! :)
Girls just wanna have fun! The other day, my friends Julia, Claui, Juliana and I decided to have an impromptu baking session! We made homemade mochi ice cream and then had a great time hanging out after! After that night, I really wished I had sisters just like them. Check out our pictures! :)

With my baking partner and little sister Juliana, who's playing around with the sticky rice!

Look who's super concentrated! I couldn't wait til our finished product. It was our first time! :)

So, we decided to make colored mochi and put food coloring in the sticky rice mixture, flattened it up into a circle, then put corn starch (so that it won't stick). We froze it a bit, then put the ice cream scoop on top and wrapped it up (with the best of our abilities haha!) to make it as round as possible! Also, wait after freezing it coz it'll be rock hard, and remember that good things come to those who wait! 
It's not as easy as it looks but it's fun to make :) 

Had so much fun baking with these pretty girls!

With our critic for the night, tito Richard Gomez who was watching his show 
on tv while it was airing! Hmmm, wonder how that feels to see yourself act? Must be cool! :) 

Julia and Claui are the sweetest sisters ever. This is such a cute picture of them! :) 

Singing to One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful (on the left) and super cute and colorful drawings of different chairs on display made by tita Lucy and Juliana (on the right) 

Charming, pretty and witty as well. Yup, that's Juliana! :) 

Guess who were the ones trolling at the back HAHA... that's Julia and I!
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Looooved our iPhone cases especially when they're beside each other! :)

Quote for the post:
"Sometimes the best moments happen when unplanned"
-Tumblr post

Fun, fun night with amazing people! :)
Watch out for more posts! 
xx, Denise