New Yabu! Went to the opening of Yabu's new branch at the Robinsons Magnolia (which is a nice, new mall located in the Tomas Morato area) just a few days ago! For sure, I'll definitely go back soon! Check out the pictures and congratulations again Yabu for a successful event! :) 
Openings are the best! It's always so exciting

The signature Yabu wall. Hi to all those cooks and thanks for smiling! Haha :)

The people behind the curtains... Yabu's awesome crew!

Menu for tonight: the best katsu in town

Thank you again Denise Cabotage, the Brand Manager of Yabu! :) 

Look who's eager to have another Yabu experience! 

With my sister, Isabel and fellow bloggers :) 

Loooong legs? Haha! Thank you so much for going with us, sister :) It's always fun with you!

My Topshop harness that got lots of compliments that night

What I wore:
H&M top
ZARA Shorts
TOPSHOP harness
JEFFREY CAMPBELL floral litas 

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Once again, thank you Yabu for inviting me! More power!
Check out my first ever Yabu experience here
If you happen to pass by a Yabu branch, don't forget to try it! :)