Rainy Day. Super lazy days call for lazy outfits as well. So, what's that lazy outfit that's stylish and at the same time super comfortable to wear? A knit pull over, of course! This one's from Zara, and right now it's the most over used piece in my closet. I can't get enough of it! Just accessorize, wear jeans, simple flats, have a messy hairstyle or bun and you're good to go! 
Read more on how I spent that day! :)

Who's the Instagram addict? I AM! Haha! Follow me @ deniseherediaaa!
 I know I'm late but I'm trying to make up for all the time I've missed! Trying...My best! :)

That feeling where you're just eating your favorite kind of food on a rainy afternoon... the best!

Japanese sushi is always in the top of my "food list" of things to eat! 

Something that just made up for the bad weather, 
an amazing meal that left me smiling as I left Omakase :)
Special thanks to my good friend who let me try it there for the first time! 

Quote for the post: 
"And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. 
Without the rain, there would be no rainbow"
-Gilbert K. Chesterton 

I'm super sorry I haven't been posting! 
I just had my UPCAT a.k.a College entrance exam this weekend.
It's been taking so much of myself and my time! :(
In a few months I'll be saying hello to my future!
*dun, dun, dun* (I'm so not ready for you, btw)
But, I promise I'll have more posts coming up! 
Watch out for more & stay safe! 
xx, Denise