Two times the Aztec. There's something about Aztec prints that I really love. I can't get over them even if I've been seeing them for quite some time now. Two times the aztec print seen in my DIY Tribal print case (click here for the post) and in this super cute aztec print bandage skirt that I got when I visited LA last summer! Check out a special announcement and what I wore to dinner for that day below! :) 

I just love these shots. They have that 'mysterious' effect :) 

Those awkward walking legs made this shot even more candid.
Mix and match colored pieces with basic tops to avoid 'over-doing' the whole look :) 

Handmade Iphone cases :) 

Hope you guys enjoyed your long weekend just as much as I did! :)
Watch out for more posts coming up!
Get your own Tribal print cases soon! Email me now! :)
I promise you that no two cases are alike, so you'll really have a unique case!
xx, Denise 

Quote for the post:
"Someday, someone, somewhere will create something so beautiful that it will change the world."
-a Tumblr post 

What I wore:
H&M Black top
H&M gold necklace
FOREVER 21 Gold bangle 
YSL Arty Oval Ring 
CHARLOTTE RUSE aztec print bandage skirt
TORY BURCH gold flats 

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