Callao Cave. Ever heard of a church inside a cave? That's something you'll see only in the Philippines, specifically in the beautiful province of Cagayan. (see it's true, it's definitely more fun in the Philippines!) If you've seen The Mistress (latest movie of Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd), this was where they shot the wedding scene inside a cave! Cool right? I was so grateful that I was able to experience, visit and witness one of nature's miracles. Check out the photos below! :)

Callao Cave is the most famous tourist spot in Cagayan. It's definitely something you must see! :)

Before you see the cave, get ready to burn some calories as you walk about 200 steps going up

Sari is that you? Haha! Inside, you're greeted with benches for the chapel. (for those who want to say a little prayer) It's such a cool idea to place a cathedral inside a 'chamber'.
The solemnity of the cave makes it a perfect place to talk to God :)

This stalactite was in a snake and a crocodile formation. See it? Too cool! :)
 I just have to thank these babies for everything. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have survived!
The mud was crazy, so make sure you wear shoes that you'll be willing to sacrifice

Side view of the angel wing formation (the white rock)

It's also the perfect place for photography since the cave uses the natural light from the sun

Don't forget to wear comfortable clothes for these types of activities 

'Mushroom-like' formation of the rocks

Classic baseball shirt + boots! I was ready for anything! :)

This was really creepy but amazing at the same time. It looks like a person, complete with the face, ribs and arm but it was formed mainly out of rock formations! These things really make you think how these things happen, and how nature surprises us every time. 

It was also surprisingly cold and huge inside the Callao cave! 

My adventure buddies, tito Bernard Dy, cousin Selina Dy, sister Isabel Oli, and tito Gino Lao!
Thank you for everything, and for the unique experience! Til the next one! :)

Some places are left undiscovered so it's up to us to explore our beautiful county first!
Visit local places and have fun adventures with your friends and family
Visit the Callao cave in Cagayan, or other picture perfect vacation spots here in the Philippines
Have fun planning and have fun on your trips! :)
Watch out for more!
xx, Denise