Celebration! Last night was my sister's birthday celebration at this amazing resto/bar called Dillinger's (located at Greenbelt 3). It it was such a fun night full of laughter & food with the family and some good friends! Check out some pictures below :) 

Went back to my usual Black and White look for that night's dinner! 
Decided to wear minimal make-up and just finish off with red lips :)

I just love mixing classic, plain pieces together! Don't you? :)

This Zara lace skirt gives that feminine and girly look to any outfit! :)

One day, someday I will become a dj. Watch me. Haha lol 

"Baby you're a firework" played in my head when I saw this!
 Yup. Those were the candles for the cake! So cute!

The beautiful and sexy celebrant, who's also the best sister in the world, Isabel Oli. 
Thank you so much for everything. I love you to the moon and back! :)  

I asked a sibling from God and he gave me an even better gift. 
He gave me an older sister and a best friend
Happy happy birthday (for real), sister! 
This post is dedicated to you! :)
xx, Denise