Cool Britannia Fashion Show. Guess what? Yesterday, I got to fulfill a childhood
dream of mine! I got to model and walk in a runway for one of my favorite British brands for the Philippine-UK Friendship week this week.  It was such an amazing experience and at the same time, I got to meet new friends along the way! Check out the pictures below :)

Rehearsals for the show in the morning at the Shangri-la mall with co-models! :)

My look for the show! A super cute semi-formal Warehouse dress perfect for parties or debuts 

The make-up was just natural while the hair was straight and just young looking.
 It's perfect for our age as teenagers!

Match it up with minimal accessories 

One day... I will have my own shampoo commercial. One day! Haha! :) 

I loved the sequin details in this baby pink and black dress! 

YSL shoes to complete the girly look

Pretyy co-models from St. Paul wearing Topshop, and friends from my school wearing Warehouse :) 

Co-models from Xavier! See you guys all on the VOYC fashion show next year! :)

It's showtime!!! First, we had to act as mannequins at the black 'frames' 
at the side then model afterwards! :)

Me attempting to 'blow a kiss' to the crowd after my pose (haha lol)

Of course, it was natural to be nervous before coming out! (we were literally dancing and singing our hearts out to the beats backstage to get pumped up. Haha!) But as soon as we came out, 
that feeling disappeared and we just had fun while modeling :)

With my beautiful co-models Gabbie, Hannah, Hillary, Gabbie G, and Alex :)

 Our finale runway walk

Smiling for the last time. This was all surreal to me!

I was so glad to be part of this show. It's definitely something to remember :)

Indeed, everyday is our runway...
I am so grateful that God gave this opportunity!
I had such a blast participating in this fashion show &
I hope that I have more events like these in the future so that I can share it with you guys!
Watch out for more :)
xx, Denise