I Won't Say I'm In Love. Let's face it, there's always going to be a child within us even if we're older, wiser, and more mature. We can never leave behind our childhood memories and almost always, we long to go back to the those stress free, fun, dress up whenever it's Halloween type of days. So, this year for Halloween my friends & I made the Disney Princesses our inspirations and dressed up like them! I had the opportunity relive some memories as I was Megara from Hercules (hence the title I won't say I'm in Love taken from her song in the movie! Hmmm.. I bet you wondered why it's like that huh? Haha!) Check out my look below :)

Magenta and gold combinations just like Meg! 

This dress was altered to have that grecian effect to it. It was just a plain dress before :)

My "Ms. Universe" or "Woman On Top Of the World" pose! Haha how I wish :)

You could only imagine the struggle I went through just to take this shot! 
These super comfortable platforms from Prada are my favorite!

Love this photo from my friend, Mark Superio! He's a great photographer :) 
Check out his photos here!

What I wore:
H&M Magenta sweetheart Tube dress
H&M gold clutch 
H&M gold and purple bangles
FOREVER 21 thick, gold bangle
PRADAPurple Plattforms

Happy Halloween, everyone! 
So, who's your inspiration for your costume this year? 
Watch out for more! :)
xx, Denise