Zac Efron. Admit it. He's every girl's dream boyfriend, and every junior's dream prom date.
From the moment he played Troy Bolton in the first High School Musical movie, to becoming 17 Again, I was one of the Lucky Ones (haha get it! The lucky one his latest movie?... lol) who had the opportunity to see him live in the Penshoppe press con! :) 

What I wore on that special day: Black and white is always the way to go!

Cross necklace and a studded cuff to add accents to a plain top

Try not to overdo an outfit, so stick to the basics when wearing something with a print :)

Love these black and white floral print pants from Zara!

So glad I saw these beautiful girls before the show started! :) 
L-R (Hannah Pangilinan, Ella Pangilinan, Julia Barretto, 
Me, Dani Barretto, Patita Patumpalan & Claui Barrretto) 

6 seconds left and we'll finally see Zac!!! See how everyone was so excited? 

Boy Abunda interviewed Zac Efron! Jealous level: Dangerously high! He's so lucky!!! 

Sorry I haven't been posting lately... 
I've been a bit busy with school and college exams and all,
 but I'll really try to blog more often now :)
Watch out for more real soon! ;)
xx, Denise 

What I wore:
ZARA top
ZARA printed floral pants
FOREVER 21 cross necklace
PULL & BEAR cross ring
HERMES leather cuff 

Get a similar, and better look here! :)