Zoey: the Baby Lion. Meet Zoey, my seven year old Pomeranian. (yes, she's technically almost 50 years old if you convert the dog years into human years.. whoaa) Zoey is way more pampered than I am! This is little fluff ball is considered to be my parent's second child. We are admitting, that our lives without her would probably be a bit boring and lifeless. 
I spent my whole Saturday just chilling with this little lion! Check out the pictures :) 

Had a family day so I decided to go for something simple, 
because (again like that I always say) you'll never go wrong with basics!

Sky blue studded Zara shorts for that fresh, day look and silver accessories to match them

This heart pendant is something I really treasure since it was handed down to me by my mom.
 It was her favorite accessory when she was my age and now, it's mine as well. 
Thank you mom! I love you! :) It's such a beautiful piece of jewelry :)

Of course, silver flats to complete the whole look :)

See how much love Zoey gets? :) (love her expression here, 
especially when she's all squished like that haha!) 

Whenever we go out people can't help but say that she's the cutest dog that they've ever seen
 coz she's just soooo fluffy! :) 

"A dog is the only thing in this world that loves you more than you love yourself"
-Josh Billings 

 Dogs are truly man's best friend. 
They're always there to listen to you whenever you need someone, 
they will never judge you for how you look or
 how you are as a person and lastly, their love is unconditional.
So, always remember to take care of your pets at home. 
You'll see that they'll return the love that you deserve...sometimes even more. 
Watch out for more posts! :)
xx, Denise