Bright-side. Did you know that the color yellow shines with happiness, optimism & energy which sparks creative thought? For me, this is so true! Whenever I see the color yellow (especially this shade), I can't help but smile. It immediately changes my mood and makes me feel so light! So one sunny morning, I decided to wear one of my favorite cardigans for just a chill day with my family. Check out my look below! :) 

Change is sometimes good right? Well, you be the judge and tell me how you think about this look here! Honestly speaking, I'm not a fan of any make-up. I rarely put them especially when there's no occasion. But, since I wanted to brighten things up for that day, I tried to copy a look from Teen Vogue a few months back and added yellow eye shadow to my lids to match my outfit! Haha :) 

Light colors for a sunny day. Yellow on white + light denim gives you that fresh look!

Looove this peal rose ring from SM Accessories! (whom I'd like to thank for the goodies sent the other day) Watch out for posts with super cute accessories from them! I'm so grateful to be part of the SM family :) 

It's funny how my friends and I just noticed the other day that
 I'm such a 'silver accessories' type of girl.

Long hairrrr, I don't care! Haha! Thinking of changing my hairstyle soon, any suggestions? :)

Obviously chilling out, just checking on Instagram (follow me on @DeniseHerediaaa
and sitting on the stairs... Haha! 

Silver sandals to complete my look! :)

See how colors can affect our emotions and moods? 
Wear Yellow. Feel blissful, feel blessed and show off to everyone your bright-side! 
Watch out for more! :)
xx, Denise 

What I wore:
MANGO yellow-lime cardigan
MANGO white tank top
ITALIAN bought shorts a few years ago
FOREVER 21 silver belt
VENILLA SUITE silver sandals 
RAY BAN mirrored aviators

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