SM Accessories. Accessories contribute a lot when it comes to fashion. I just love mixing and matching different pieces to add beauty, style and uniqueness to your look! 
Check the pictures from the event below :) 

Republiq looked so different! This was before the show started

They were able to compile one necklace on top of another and paired it with just a simple dress. 
I was surprised how they didn't overdo the look and it looked just right!  

Loved the black light effect that contrasted the accessories

Hats, scarves and shades for men

Liking the black and gold trend
  Just when I thought I had too much accessories... 
I saw these models & apparently, I wasn't even close Haha! 

That moment when Xian Lim, one of the latest endorser for SM, 
looks right into your camera's lens... Haha *smile* 

Richard Gutierrez was the next endorser who went out

The gorgeous Georgina Wilson (love her hair) who's another brand ambassador! 

Ofcourse last but definitely not the least,
Anne Curtis, who's one of the most sought after endorser right now!

My look for the night! You will never go wrong with a blazer paired with denim cutoffs :)

Thanks for inviting me, SM Accessories
and congratulations for a successful event! :)
Watch out for more! 
xx, Denise