Tan, Red and Floral. Do you have those times where you're just staring at your closet for a long time, you have no idea what to wear for the day?  Whenever I experience that, I go with what I feel like wearing, or sometimes, I try to search for 'inspirations' for that day. So, for this outfit, I tried to change the way I combined my colors! I grabbed my laziest cape-like cardigan and added a hint of color and print to finish off my look. Check out more below :)

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Whenever I wear this cardigan, it just feels like I'm literally wearing
 a blanket wrapped around me! It's so comfy, it's truly a favorite! 

Tans, reds and florals mixed together :)

These floral Jefferey Campbell litas as are super comfortable

Remember, don't be afraid to mix and match prints and different shades :) 

What I wore:
ZARA tan cape cardigan
MANGO tank top
ZARA shorts

What's your unexpected color combinations? 
What are your favorite ways to add unpredictable splashes of colors to your wardrobe?
Watch out for more!
xx, Denise