Holiday Make-up. With all of the events this holiday season, it's always fun to change things up a bit and try to have different looks! So, I tried to compile some pictures of models and celebrities for inspirations that you can try depending on your mood. I'm not a fan of make-up, but I'm in that age (almost 18 in a few weeks) where fixing yourself up is becoming an essential especially for debuts and for many events as well. And if there's one thing I learned in applying these 'enhancers' is that, it always has to be clean looking to get that fresh, elegant look. Also, balance is key. Pick only one feature to emphasize and from there, everything will follow. Read more :) 

Maroon five, Maroon here, Maroon everywhere! Haha! That's one color that's in trend these days. Apply a dark red maroon lipstick, and maybe just a little mascara like Kate Bosworth's make up, or channel Chanel's fall holiday look with dark eyes and dark lips, or just apply white eye shadow and mascara with ruby lips for the last look. 

Red is such a festive color, that's why red lips can be so versatile. I love how you can just apply it, have no other make-up on and you're good to go! (Just like the model in the first picture) or just apply light peach shades, eyeliner and mascara like Taylor Swift and Emma Stone's look to get a clean look!

The classic smokey eye effect! Use either different colors just like Amanda Seyfried's or the usual brown, earthy shade just like Keira Knightley's look. The secret to this effect to this is the gradient from-dark-to-light effect.

Long, luscious lashes. I love this look, it's so lady-like! To achieve this, go for eye liners and lots of mascaras or even falsies, super light shades of make up and neutral, natural or nude lips, and fixed brows just like the Louis Vuitton fashion show make up (in the picture to the right)

Lastly, and my favorite among all, the barely-there, au naturale look! This one just enhances your amazing features which makes your natural beauty radiate. All you need is flawless skin, fixed brows, curled lashes, little blush-on and a colored lip balm. I promise, you'll have eyes following you everywhere you go! :)

Always remember to keep things in moderation. Don't fill your whole face to cover up what you naturally have. Just enhance them with little helpers called 'make-up'.
But no make-up still beats all of these looks. Right boys? Haha!
What's your mood today & which look would YOU like to try soon?
Happy holidays everyone! Hope you learned something from this post :)
xx, Denise