Hong Kong Travel Diary. Ever since I stared to blog, I noticed that we haven't been traveling that much. So for this post, I wanted to make some sort of a travel diary to share with you what happened to our trip last weekend! There's something about traveling that relaxes me. For a while it seems as if you don't have anything to worry about. It's something we should all do, we should remember to take a break from the crazy lives that we live in because after all the hard work, we deserve a little rest. Right? Haha! So read more...

View from our window. It was in the morning so there weren't many people around

I was in my  happy place, surrounded by pretty things! 

Found this vintage looking store beside Cotton On called Typo

They have such cute items from notebooks to tumblers to frames, gahhhh, I wanted to buy it all! 

Me being my silly self. I have this weird fetish for nice looking notebooks 
(my smile here gives away my inner excitement)

Maroon and blacks are my current obsessions! 

Unique black metal cross and skill rings 

Busy roads and busy lives here in Hong Kong

Now that's what I call 'taking a risk' 

Tweeds, blacks and grey for that cool, rainy day 

At last! Finally got myself a Black Zara sneaker wedges with studs.
I'm sure these shoes will be my best friends from now on haha!   

That giant chair with cute kittens around it made me laugh haha (why)

Christmas wonderland display! Can you believe, it's less than 20 days til Christmas? ...I can't!

How did you spend your long weekend last week?
Watch out for more!
xx, Denise :)