Noir: \nwar\  French for the color Black. There's something about the 'absence of color' that makes it my favorite. Black is powerful and authoritative. It's a classic color for fashion since it makes you appear thinner. (instant weight loss in a few minutes who wouldn't want that? haha!) It's amazing how it can appear sophisticated & elegant when worn in an LBD (little black dress) or sometimes a little rebellious when matched with studs and spikes. If you look at my closet, my clothes lean more towards the color black... I've no idea why. Maybe it's because it has this mysterious vibe to it which makes it intriguing. Hmm.. *insert smug here* Read more!  

Denim and Black combinations never get old

Love how Forever 21 has good finds especially when it comes to shorts! 

Caught in the act! This is what happens when we take pictures for my blog... Haha! 

Favorite Balenciaga flats that look like they have eyes popping out! 

When in doubt, go for black. You'll never go wrong :)
xx, Denise