Wrap with Love. In just less than a week, it's already Christmas! It's that time of the year again where we can show our loved ones that we really appreciate them through our gifts. (but nothing beats showing them our love everyday of course!) With that in mind, I decided to do another DIY post to help you guys wrap your gifts with love. You'll be surprised that the things you have at home can be used and recycled to have earth-friendly, creatively wrapped gifts! Want to know how? It's really easy. Anyone can do it! Read more!

Materials needed: Brown paper bags, boxes with your gifts inside it, paper, ribbons, 
scissors, marker, puncher, tape, and other decorative things you'd like to add!

Place the box on top of the paper bag to measure it then cut the bottom part. 
I'm sure you all have brown paper bags at home especially when you go grocery shopping.
If you don't know what to do with them after, you can use it to wrap your gifts!

Use the tape to secure the box and fold the sides inward.

Tape the sides and you're done wrapping the box! 

For the fun part (that really brings back childhood memories): fold the paper into 4, 
make the sides rounded, then create your own pattern by cutting the sides and the middle part. 
You can use different templates online but it's fun to be random with it 

Open it up and be surprised with how it came out to be. This is the most exciting part!

Place it on top of your box (in any way that you want) and secure it with tape

Finish it off with any ribbon and you're done! Sometimes, it's nice to receive something when you see the effort both in the inside and the outside of the gift. 
It just says that you really value that person

It's always better to give than to receive.
So, go ahead and wrap your gifts with love!
Happy Holidays everyone! 
Hope you all like & try this DIY :)
xx, Denise