Sequined. Right now, it's debut season for my whole batch! It's that time where almost everyone turns 18 and celebrates their birthdays through parties. Just last night, I attended my friend's Russian themed debut that required us to wear long gowns. With events like these, it's very practical to have someone make your dress for you because it'll be too expensive if you buy designer ones all the time. It's also better to do this since you can pick the color, look and style that you want. So, check out the dress I personally designed below :)

Alexander McQueen Skull clutch was my date for that night!  

Jewelry model? Haha! Thank you gorgeous to my mom who's always my jewelry sponsor! 

Sequins, sheers and leather details 

Romantic shot with the light effect :)

Like what Rihanna said "....Shine bright" (literally! Haha!)

Custom made sequined dress designed by yours truly
Alexander McQueen skull clutch 
Zara heels

With the upcoming proms and balls this February & March, 
 Do you already have any ideas or inspirations for your dress?
I'm sure with whatever you'll wear, you'll definitely turn heads & look stunning
Watch out for more! :)