Shift: Xavier Fashion Show. Just last weekend, I modeled for the Xavier's VOYC fashion show together with some other friends of mine from my school & from different schools. It was such a great experience for all of us since we we able to meet new friends especially when we'd have after-school rehearsals, video shoots and photoshoots as well. Things like these takes lots of commitment, so if you're planning to join, I suggest that you really have to be dedicated to what you're doing because it's not as easy as it seems. But on the brighter side, you'll see that it's all worth it once you're there because of its success! Congratulations to everyone who made it possible and thank you to the Xavier committee for the time & patience for this project. If only I had known that it would be that fun, I would've joined all the previous shows no questions asked. Too bad it's my last year to join, since I'm already down to my last year of high school. But nevertheless, this show was definitely one of the highlights of my Senior year & it made it one of the best years I had so far! Check out the pictures below...  

This is how the co-models chill before the show! Haha

Final run through before the actual walk at night! 

Pimpin' aint easy at all.... haha I'm kidding!!! 
With some of my Xavier co-models & the VOYC committee!

First look by Basic House. I went for the nerdy, school girl look!
Here are four different sides in this picture: the normal, girly, awkward & happy me! 

While waiting for the show to start, we took a pitcure with Dj Tony

With Jacob, Jeff, Miguel & Andre

First walk with my partner, Miguel. It was fun working with you! :)

With Miguel & Mel 

With Jeff, Nina and Miguel 

Second look's by Topshop! Looove this brand & this blue romper!

Walking in the runway just makes you feel so alive! It's a great experience

With my fierce partner, Gen!  

Flying kiss for the finale! :)

Final walk! I can't believe it's over!!! It was all too fast 

All smiles for the success of the show! 

My beautiful co-models all wearing Topshop clothes! Good job everyone!! :)

With everyone who modeled! I'm so proud of you guys! Great job!!!! :)
I'm glad I was able to meet new friends and share that super fun experience with you all.
I'll definitely miss working with all of you! 
Thank you for everything :)

They say we live for the nights we can't remember with the people we'll never forget.
Well, I'll surely remember that night & all of those people (who became my friends) for sure!
Credits to Marc Jefferson, Jared Ching & Patrick Lim for some of the pictures in this post!
Thank you again for letting me use them :)
Watch out for more!
xx, Denise