Rose Gold. There's silver, there's gold and then.. there's rose gold. I've always been a fan of metallics, and lately I've been attracted to them more. There's always something about this shiny trend that makes any outfit shine and really stand out. For this dress, (that I've designed by myself just like in the previous post) I wanted to achieve a more girly, goddess-inspired look and whenever I think of those two things, I always picture a rose colored, flowy dress. This is what I wore to my own school ball as a senior. Check this look out! 

Can't handle a bare back? Add a design to it to cover up a bit haha  
and so it would keep the form of the dress better looking!

Silver and rose gold combined! Really loving haltered dresses now 

I kept my hair just in one side and curled to keep it young looking 

High slit? Check. Haha! 

What do you think of this look?
Looking back, I'll definitely miss preparing for these kinds of events as a high school student
Deciding on which color and design of your dress, fixing your hair and make-up and all those...
It was all just too fast. Next stop: College life!
Watch out for more! :)
xx, Denise