Summer Snapshots. Collaborations always excite me, especially when it comes to working with different photographers. I like both the experience and the diversity of the style that they use. I also love having the creative freedom to take amazing shots. So, one hot summer day, I decided to have a shoot with a great photographer and family friend of mine. Check out the pictures below & like his page in Facebook here now :)

"Because it's summer and the memories are just waiting to happen"

Truly, it was an amazing experience working with Mark Mercaida and of course, with my cousins Krystyna & Selina as well :) Contact him in his page click here! 
I don't need to put captions since the pictures above speak for themselves.
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Have a great summer, friends! :) 
Watch out for more!

(photos edited by Mark & I, all of my make-up, hair & styling is by yours truly)