Travel Diary: Amsterdam. After those long hours of travelling, uncomfortable plane rides that make you unsure of your sleeping position, and the much awaited anticipation upon arriving at your destination... I can now finally say hello to you guys all the way from Europe! First stop, Amsterdam (The Land of the Free) The moment we arrived at the city proper, I was amazed at how beautiful this city is. It's not just the freedom that sets it apart from the other places, but its culture and ambiance that makes Amsterdam very unique. Everywhere you look, those old architectures that seem alike but not similar, cobble stones & trams... it's all 'post-card worthy'! Check out my experience at this picturesque place! Click read more! :)

Amsterdam has lots of canals that look exactly alike! I'm sure if I went around by myself, I'd get lost! But.. if you see this kind of scene in front of you, I honestly wouldn't mind getting lost! Haha! 

Bikes here, bikes everywhere. Almost everyone uses bikes to go around this city! 
I love how distinct european bikes look like! I would definitely 'pimp-my-bike' if I owned one!
 (okay, where's my glitters, flowers & rhinestones? just kidding haha)

Freshly baked breads and pastries are everywhere. I'm sure they're all super good! 

Our view outside our window! This is what greeted us a good morning! :)

Imagine waking up everyday to this kind of view? I'll love it for sure & I'm sure you will too! 

There's something about flowers that I love so much! It's a good thing there's loads of them here!

Best lasagna I've ever had so far. Ate this at a cafe along the flower market near Dam Square! 

No words. Post card worthy, I told you! This is while we were on the way to the Dam Square, which is the historical center of the city of Amsterdam 

Saw this super colorful Bulldog branch while looking around and literally was in awe! There were lots of people here in Red because they were cheering for this big game & it looked crazy fun! 
Go *insert team's name!!!* 

Vondelpark. Sounds familiar? Well, if you read 'The Fault In Our Stars', it was mentioned a few times! Super cool right? Haha actually reliving the story of the book! No wait.. where's my Augustus? Haha

 What a pretty pink tree that looks like it's inspired by the cherry blossoms in Japan! 

Cotton tree behind me! Haha! Literally had 5 layers of clothes because right now, it's gloomy and super cold in Amsteradm so when that happens, layering's the way to go! Plus points because it looks extra stylish, but of course, stick to one scheme color and that's black & gray for me! 

Sophisticated art around the city right behind me! 

Cute burger stall right infront of the Rijksmuseum! 

My face every time we get these waffles which are made differently here! It's sweet & crunchy! 

Nutella waffle anyone? Definitely the best waffle I've tasted! Can't get enough of it! :)

A happy child in I-am-sterdam!!!!

More adventures & travel diaries to come real soon!
Next stop: Berlin, Germany!
Watch out for it! :)
xx, Denise