Berlin. I never thought I would reach Germany at such a young age. I only studied about its rich history whenever we had classes and now I'm here. Truly, I will always be grateful for this wonderful experience. It's really different when you're there in person and when you hear about it through your teacher, read it in books or imagine it in your head. Seeing it in front of you just makes it so... alive and real. Check out my travel diary post below & read more! :)

My humble breakfast. It looks so simple but it's a great way to start the day! 

At the train station going to the center to explore Berlin

Sunny & rainy weather in the Brandenburg gate  (a representation of peace)
 hence the umbrella & clear sky

Brown hair thanks to the sunlight! Haha! Anyway, this was at the one of the biggest & probably the coolest central train station that I've ever seen.  It was huge & it had almost everything inside it!
Wear black and whites and you'll never go wrong! :) (especially when you're travelling)

Infront of the Otto Von Bismarck statue! 
Former & present high school students, does he sound familiar? :)

Here with my handsome dad and my amazing mom! 

Skull overload? Not so much... just a little maybe? Haha! 

Another 'Minister of wars' in Germany, mr. Roon! 

Guess which goddess is on the statue behind me! Hint: it's a famous shoe brand.. 
if you guessed Nike then you're right! She's the goddess dedicated to success. 

THE berlin wall. The wall that restricted the freedom of the people before. Imagine waking up separated from your fellow people & seeing them after a few years. 
At first I didn't notice it with all the graffiti and street art that were made beautifully.   

At the Charlottenburg palace, the largest existing palace of the Hohenzollerns. (ruling family before) It sure would be nice to live in a palace, don't you think? 

Lovely postcards of what Berlin has to offer 

Bear-lin? They're famous for their colorful Berlin Bears 
which are found every where in the country! So cute! 

Being the tourist that I am... I was so amazed at these bears I decided to take a picture (and pose like them) with the two bears that I saw around!

Next stop: Another exciting adventure to come!
Where? the capital of Czech Republic, Prague!
Watch out for it! :)
xx, Denise