4 in 1: Vienna, Florence, Milan & Pisa. Looking back, I realized that truly, there are too many beautiful places in Europe. It amazes me that in just an hour or two, you can travel to another city or another country by train or by plane, that's completely different but just as equally picturesque as the previous location that you were in. I guess, if I lived there, I'll go to all the cities nearby, probably every weekend to cherish the view, the people, delicacies, culture & simply just explore. Here, in this post, I combined photos from four different places... Vienna, Florence, Milan and Pisa. Take a peak of this part of my trip! Click and read more...   

Duomo cathedral in Milan. It looks ten times better at night!  

When you're out of ideas, make the black, white & denim combination 
your 'go-to' scheme and you'll never go wrong!

Domes made out of glass that covered the Piazza Duomo 

Next stop: Vienna! This reminded me so much of my Music lessons back in high school. 
I couldn't believe that I visited the place where Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn and so much more music legends worked before!

At one of the cathedrals in Vienna 

Facade of the simple but elegant design of the Santa Croce church in Florence, Italy 

Here at the Old Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence Italy with the best mom in the world!
This has got to be one of my favorite places ever because every angle is indeed, post-card worthy

Panoramic shot of the top view of Florence. The word 'Florence' means flowering or to bloom, and in this case, we were lucky enough to see the city in full bloom on a sunny day

Denim on Denim look on the streets of rocky Florence 

Last stop for this post: Pizza, Italy! No wait, I meant Pisa! Haha! 

The leaning tower of Pisa! Did you know that years ago, it wasn't actually 'leaning' in the same way? It was made normally straight, but then an error in the architecture made it slanted and thus, the leaning tower of pisa was formed! (fun fact!)

Watch out for more travel diaries that'll be posted soon!
xx, Denise